Buttercream and Cigarello Cakes

Buttercream cakes are a fresh, modern alternative and arguably more delicious than traditional iced wedding cakes. We've created an array of styles, flavours and colours throughout our cakes collection that truly taste as good as they look!

Buttercream spin wedding cake. Can come in a range of colours, including ombre effect.

Buttercream Spin

The Buttercream Spin exudes elegance. It's one of the tallest of all the cakes, due to the additional cake per tier, which gives it a regal height. It can also be made in a range of colours, whether classic ivory or an ombre effect of colours throughout the tiers.


The Naked Cake could be described as the most fashionable cake right now. With its rustic charm, visibly abundant layers and fruit or flowers around each tier, it's a fresh and vibrant cake that works beautifully in nearly all venues.

Naked cake, adorned with berries
Skimmed naked cake, with vanilla buttercream and white flowers

Skimmed Naked

The Skimmed Naked Cake is a take on the Naked Cake with a skimmed buttercream layer around each tier, again showing off its abundant fillings within. Its lighter colour makes it a good match to almost any colour scheme or floral arrangements alongside it.


The Masked Cake has a beautiful, clean finish that provides a more traditional appearance to contemporary cakes in our collection. Perfectly smooth buttercream with crisp lines will complement a flawless wedding. Can also be adorned with gold leaf.

masked buttercream wedding cake with gold leaf and autumn decoration
Buttercream cake adorned with white chocolate cigarellos and flowers

The Cigarello

Beautifully encased in white or dark chocolate cigarellos, finished with silk ribbons and adorned with either fresh fruit or wreaths of fresh flowers to match your chosen colour scheme, The Cigarello is our tallest and arguably most impressive cake of all.

Confetti Cake

The Confetti Cake is about as fun as wedding cakes go! It's filled and masked with your chosen flavoured filling then dowsed in a rainbow of confetti sprinkles, finished elegantly with a white iced or ivory silk ribbon. A beautifully fun wedding cake, it's definitely a crowd pleaser.

The confetti cake - a colourful and fun buttercream cake


  • Traditional Victoria:                                   Soft vanilla sponge with vanilla bean buttercream and raspberry jam
  • Classic Vanilla:                                          Soft vanilla sponge with fresh vanilla bean buttercream
  • Lemon Drizzle:                                          Moist lemon sponge with a zingy lemon drizzle and lemon buttercream
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry:            Moist vanilla sponge with white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry
  • Rose, Raspberry and Pistachio:                Fresh pistachio sponge with a lightly floral rose buttercream and fresh raspberry
  • Pistachio:                                                   Fresh pistachio sponge with a pistachio almond buttercream
  • Berry Buttercream:                                    Soft vanilla sponge with a berry buttercream
  • Carrot Cake:                                             Spiced carrot cake with a zesty orange buttercream
  • Red Velvet:                                                Light chocolate cake in a deep red hue with contrastingly white cream cheese buttercream
  • Caffè latte:                                                Light coffee cake with a latte buttercream
  • Salted Caramel:                                       Moist chocolate sponge with a salted caramel buttercream
  • Chocolate and Pistachio:                         Moist chocolate sponge with pistachio buttercream
  • Rich Chocolate:                                       Moist chocolate sponge with a rich chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Orange:                                 Moist chocolate sponge with a zesty orange chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate and Raspberry:                      Moist chocolate sponge with a creamy chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries